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Welcome to the First Impressions music test. Brand new music for you to listen to and rate!

We would like to know what you think about 4 new songs from a brand new Australian act. This guy is doing it all by big record company to back him up. It's his money that's on the line. So, is he any any of his songs do it for you?  

Here's what you on the play button to listen to each song as many times as you wish in order to familarise yourself with them. Once you have an opinion, just click on the survey link and tell us what you think.

Nice and easy, but very important!

Song 1- Man In A Tree

Song 2 - Star Play

Song 3 -Mankind

Song 4 - Come Here Now

Now that you've listened to all 4 songs please click here to tell us what you think off them. Good or bad, we're after your honest opinions!