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107.9 FM Music Advisor Sign Up


Welcome to the 107.9 FM Music Advisor Sign Up Site!

This is where you get to join our exclusive database and become an integral part of the station!

Every day we play the best music possible just for you. But to do that, we need to know what you like.

Well, this is how you get to tell us what's hot and what's not! What we should play and what we should get rid of.

The process is simple. Just click on the sign up link. You'll be taken to the current music survey. Just fill it in, then you'll have the opportunity to join our Music Advisor database. You will only ever have to sign up once.

Once you are a member, we'll send you email alerts whenever a new 107.9 FM Music Survey is ready and instructions on how to take part. Life is simple!

The surveys only take a few minutes to complete and your opinion is very important to us.

And better yet, we give away exclusive prizes to our Music Advisor members. Stuff you'll never hear about on air! Plus you'll get the chance to join our National Database if you wish and becoming an important cog in the Australian Music Industry.

So sign up today. It's all free and you can unsubscribe at any time you wish. And we guarantee you'll never receive any spam from us. We never, ever share or sell our lists to any other party. We hate spam more than you do! 

We Play The Hits!

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Just click on the CD above and take this weeks music survey, then follow the prompts to become a 107.9 FM Music Advisor!
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